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Training Band

Barnton Silver Band has been encouraging new players to learn brass instruments on and off for over 50 years, providing instruments and tuition as required.

Barnton Silver Band have always tried to encourage players of all ages to improve, and the training band was started to do precisely that.

Mike Lyons, an experienced teacher and fantastically talented musician in his own right has worked with the training band to bring on both young and old players and eventually lead them to play with the experienced players in the main band.

We have a scheme of work, which Mike devised, to help learners progress logically, and at their own pace, developing their skills, learning how music and their instruments work and giving them practice in steady steps. Good technique is taught from the outset and exercises are designed to create good habits from the start.

Learners are encouraged to try things out and to experiment. It’s called playing for a reason!

As well as Mike, other members of the main band assist with training. Chris Purdie is the band’s Principal Cornet, and his wife Karen is also a cornet player. Both Karen and Chris assist with training and Chris is Mike’s deputy when he can’t be there (Wigan is a long way from Pickmere and the M6 is frequently unhelpful!)

We are inclusive and cater for people of all ages and backgrounds in the Training Band.  Even if you have no experience at all you can come along and learn with us. 

If you are interested in learning to play, contact us via email or talk to one of the band members when you see us out at a job.


  Please email us at:

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